Beth Morris

Certified Massage Therapist

(540) 560-2107

Beth came into the healing arts through a long journey of self discovery and awareness for her true passion.  This, she believes, is a never ending journey that will only prove to expand her awareness and open her up to modalities and the ability to assist the healing of those she comes into contact with.  


She is a graduate of Cedar Stone School of Massage in Harrisonburg, VA.  Honored by her gifts, she finds solace practicing  her art of Stone Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Thai Yoga, Reflexology, and Joint Mobility.


Shelly Kaplan

Licensed Massage Therapist

(703) 945-8370,

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I welcome you to meet yourself exactly where you are and take a deep breath. The breath is our way to align and influence the calming effects our body has readily available - massage being another avenue to do so.


Hot stones are an integral part of all sessions that are offered. Modalities I specialize in range from relaxation massage such as Swedish, joint mobilization, and Zen Shiatsu - to Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Trigger Point. I also offer Lymphatic Drainage massage that can assist in detoxifying the body and maintaining balance within. 


I am dedicated to listening to you and your body to craft a relaxing and renewing session.



Leigh Siderhurst​​

Reiki Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist


I am a licensed massage therapist specializing in Reiki practice. Reiki is a gentle healing practice, usually facilitated by light touch over clothing, that promotes the self-balancing and self-healing response. Personal experiences in my own growth and healing journey have convinced me of the power of touch, safe relationships, and connecting more deeply with the Self (body, mind, emotion, spirit) to free places of restriction and allow movement toward a greater sense of wholeness, wellbeing, and richness of life experience. I invite you to connect with your innate capacity for movement toward healing and wholeness. Please visit my website for more information about me and my healing arts practice.


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Josh Wenger


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Josh was always aware of the closeness of God. As his faith grew and developed, so did this intimacy. However throughout his adolescent years, he wrestled with an anxiety that impaired his faith, putting it into a tight box. Faith no longer was about being close to God, but about trying to learn all the answers through studying and trying to paint a picture of God in a purely intellectual sense. After years of anxiety, Josh found himself guided to seek relief in a more unconventional way. This way was integrative energetic medicine. After one session it became clear that this was the way to help people. Healing can occur in this space that goes far beyond the mind.

After this session, Josh began to do programming from “A Common Awakening” with Annmarie Early (Soul Song Institute) and Annie Browning (Awake the Soul). Through this work, Josh’s faith began to open up once again. His spirituality became deeply experiential, freed from the mind’s control. Josh then sought out training in an energetic field of study. He received his certification in the Usui Reiki system Level I and II, and later received his Holy Fire® III Master Practitioner Training (Reiki Master Training). Reiki came naturally and instantly felt like home. As Josh practiced, he noticed the ease of holding presence while providing Reiki, and how that shifts the entire landscape of the room.

Josh’s passion lies in providing a space where clients may gain perspective into the intimate presence of the Divine and the spiritual support all around, as they open into the fullness of what they are. In session, Josh holds a presence that invites the support around us to step in and do its work in a space of complete openness. In this space, things have the potential to truly shift. The exact way things shift is unique to each individual, and always for their greatest and highest good.

Josh is currently continuing his training as a student of psychology and neuroscience, while on an accelerated track for his Masters in Counseling.  He is also actively participating in “A Common Awakening’s" Living in Divine Union Leadership Program.


James Copp

Licensed Massage Therapist


"James Copp feels he has always had a gift for healing touch, empathy, and connection.  He’s used these tools through his own path of self knowledge and growth as well as doing his best to help others along their journey.  Recently James became licensed in Massage Therapy and started his own practice.  While his knowledge and strengths lie in deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage, James is intentional about how he approaches each session and does his best to meet the clients most pressing needs.  James hopes to see clients repeatedly to work on long-term goals with them, whether it be recovering from injury, dealing with emotional trauma, stress, depression, etc.  He hopes to form a connection with his clients that lasts more than a session."


My workspace in the Downtown Healing Arts Center is only accessible via a flight of stairs.  If this is an obstacle that would prevent you from booking with me, please let me know and I will do my best to find a more accessible space to work with you.


Pricing:  I offer 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute massages priced at $60, $75, $85, and $110 respectively.  I offer any combination of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Joint Mobilization, and Swedish massage catered to your individual needs at that time.  If my pricing would prevent you from otherwise booking with me, please reach out and tell me so.  I hope to make my services available to all.


Mariza Dovis,

Owner, BIJA LLC, Downtown Healing Arts Center

Licensed Massage Therapist

Chrysalis Soul Guidance, Spiritual/Heart Attunements

Mariza Dovis has an innate gift and passion for the healing arts and has been steeped into the practice of exploring the body, mind, heart and spirit connection for the past 15 years.  If you are finding yourself fatigued, laden with chronic pain, depressed or seeking more energy and happiness from your life, Mariza will work with you to find the perfect combination of modalities in taking the steps to a life of freedom that lives in the body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.


Journeying through her own healing processes  and refining her intuitive skills, she has now incorporated many of her life's work into modalities and services that offer others the opportunity to heal themselves. She is equipt to share essential tools for a life most people want, to live abundantly, with vitality, love and joy, in the midst of the pain, darkness and challenges that come with it.


"With Mariza's knowing of the liberation that arises from being love, she has now aligned her everyday life to co-exist in the energies that requires love to exist more fully. By being with her, it is like being in the presence of a woman with expansive love. She is able to tap into the places with her sharp intuition and guidance for where understanding and compassion is much needed, either pertaining to the shadows of our psyche or the ways within which our bodies are communicating the need to be cared for and accepted."


Services Offered: Native American Healing Arts, Stone Medicine, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage,   Pre and Post Natal Massage, Joint Mobilization, Chrysalis Soul Guidance.


Contact Mariza by calling 540-383-0570 or email

Rates and service descriptions found on the website.


Jerry Sweeten

Practitioner of Peruvian Healing Arts

Soul Retrievals

Energy Healing/Distant Healing


Jerry holds degrees in Philosophy and Engineering from Virginia Tech, and has owned a small manufacturing business in Harrisonburg, VA for the past 20 years.  He has been engaged in some form of energetic healing for over 30 years. He has received training in Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and studied at the White Winds Institute where he is certified as an IEM (Integrated Energy Medicine) practitioner.  Jerry has received shamanic training through THOTH (The Heart Of The Healer) in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. He is a licensed ordained minister in Virginia, through One Spirit Interfaith Alliance in NYC. He finds that healing can come in groups through rituals, but also maintains a private practice with individuals.

Recently he received training using Kamaqen, which is a Quechua word that translates roughly into:  ‘Beloved Embrace’. Jerry describes this as a vibrational spiritual healing that allows stillness and balance to enter into the session.  “We all carry within the core of ourselves, a Divine essence that longs for connection to this day to day human experience. Creating a space to open up to that deep place of love and intuition allows that essence to speak.”

There are many spiritually minded people who are wondering what is next for them.  Wondering what career choice or what will unfold as their unique role in this time.  Wondering how to cope with day to day stress while maintaining direction on a spiritual path.  The Kamaqen energy offered in a session is a spiritual balancing that allows each individual to discern their own truth, their own unique path.  It is not associated with any religion or system of belief. Each of us is empowered to find our own truth through touching the stillness within.